Twitter Updates for 2011-09-11

September 11th, 2011

  • Had a great time at a playdate with friends yesterday! #
  • I am loving this perfect temperatures and light breezes weather! #
  • Watched "Tangled" last night with my love. So fun! #
  • Wow. Baby has been asleep for 13 hours now!… #
  • "Danks, Donald Duck," Boots said when I washed him up, hugged him and helped him down after breakfast. :) #
  • Ouch! Boots just whacked me in the face with a plastic golf club. I don't think he meant to–he was flailing & trying to escape a timeout. #
  • Boots is totally cracking me up… He started articulating /b/ and /p/ as if they were fricatives just for fun. Never seen that before! :) #
  • Boots is breaking his bread into pieces and naming them, "Baby… Boots… Brother… Mommy… Daddy… Grandma…" Very, very cute! #
  • Boots scared me half to death! While eating a pretzel, he suddenly began jumping & it caused him to start choking! He looked at me… #
  • … With the most awful expression of panic, fear & helplessness in his dear eyes as his face turned red & began shaking… #
  • …Right as I knelt down to intervene, he coughed it up. Oh! What a prayer of thanks I breathed! Poor little guy! I'm so glad he's ok… #
  • … We both learned a lesson. From now on: All snacks will be eaten sitting down. Where excited little boys can't jump w/ full mouths. #
  • I love you, Boots! #

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