Twitter Updates for 2011-09-08

  • Nothing better than hearing my children laugh, play and enjoy each other!! #
  • Awww!! While I was in Baby's room changing his diaper, I overheard from my room: "I love you, Boots." And then, "I love you, Brother." #
  • "Please sit down for your timeout," I said to Boots. "No! I'M do it!," he insisted and then sat down, folded his arms, closed his eyes… #
  • … Then very quietly, contritely and automatically said to himself, "One, two, fee, nine, ten. Sorry, Brodah." #
  • Poor Boots. He's walking bowlegged to avoid rubbing the terrible diaper rash on his thighs. :( I hope it heals soon!! #
  • Crossing my fingers that the gauze I wrapped around Boots' thighs will alleviate pain from rubbing when he walks & allow the rash to heal. #
  • Brother: "Dear Heavenly Father, Please bless Daddy to be safe. So safe that he won't be eaten by dinosaurs." #
  • Brother: "Tyrannosaurus rex is a SCABENGER. Yeah. He's a scabenger." #
  • Brother: "Aladdin is the ' Diamond in the Roth'. Yeah. He's one of my friends, too." #
  • Brother, when I came to say good night after making a quick 30-min run to pick blackberries in the setting sun: "Mommy, I missed you." #
  • Brother, in his deep sand tiger voice: "Aladdin is the 'Diamond in the Ruh-th'!" #
  • Boots, after his afternoon nap: "Mommy, look! It top bleeding!" Then he handed me a fistful of gauze that had been covering his leg rashes. #
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