Twitter Updates for 2011-09-07

  • I just got a "Yes, ma'am" on the phone from a craigslist customer. Totally made me smile. I love gentlemanly manners. :) #
  • I just got a "Yes, ma'am" on the phone from a craigslist customer for our grill. Totally made me smile. I love gentlemanly manners. :) #
  • It is so cute how much Brother and Boots completely love the "Aladdin" story! They heard the soundtrack, read the book and they were hooked! #
  • Ahhh. The sweet sound of someone else shoveling & moving our seemingly endless pile of unwanted rocks! Wish I thought of hiring out sooner! #
  • "PAUSE!!!!" Brother & Boots yelled simultaneously when I started the loud microwave while the "Aladdin" CD was playing @ lunch. :):) #
  • Out of nowhere, Brother looked up right into my eyes and said, "I would do anything for you, Mommy." #
  • (Brother wants to type): fguchf grabbed ghh gm HYPNOTHERAPIST th dc elihu finch tvg #
  • I'm seriously considering trying to bake our dinner turkey loaf in Charming's new grill to keep from heating up our house even more… #
  • I've got the turkey roast baking in the grill right now. Two burners on low keeps it at 350°. We'll see how this turns out… :) #
  • Oh, and my kitchen is as cool as a cucumber! #
  • "Where did you get that rock?" I asked Boots about one from his collection. "Earf!" he replied & ran to show me on our solar system poster! #
  • I just did an impromptu "clean up the house" to earn a DVD while I cook dinner. So effective! Boots was bookin' it like nobody's business! #
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