Twitter Updates for 2011-09-02

  • "Do you want some blackberries for breakfast?" I asked excitedly. "No," Boots answered w/ unexpected seriousness, "I want meatballs." #
  • "Oh, danks," Boots said when I added two apple slices to his bowl of oranges. :-) #
  • "So do you want oatmeal, cereal or yogurt for breakfast?" I asked the boys as they ate their blackberries. "I want meatballs," Boots said. #
  • If I ever write a children's book, it's going to be called "Meatballs for Breakfast". Boots totally cracks me up. #
  • Just for the record, I did not let Boots have his beloved meatballs for breakfast. But don't worry, he'll get them for dinner tonight. :) #
  • Boots just door-stopped himself inside the toy room. His subtle hint that he wants to be alone. :) #
  • "Boots, here's your milk bottle," I said to the empty Huggies diaper box w/ 2 chubby feet poking out, "Do you want to drink it in the box?" #
  • Just got back from a short impromptu playdate at our park. Boots couldn't resist running away to the blackberries, so we had to go home… #
  • … It was fun while it lasted, though! Hopefully this running away phase won't last long. #
  • Finding abandoned train track "swords" all over the house…the bathroom…laundry room… There have been a lot of guards chasing Aladdin! #
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