Twitter Updates for 2011-09-01

  • "Prince Ali!" Boots cried out suddenly and with such enthusiastic force that his gummy vitamin fell right out of his mouth! #
  • Brother, while talking to his toy T-Rex: "Do you know how much your poo-poos weighs?… 100 MILLION POUNDS!!… That's as much as a CAR!" #
  • … "Do you know why your poo-poos are all gone? Because the "rot squad" got 'em! Yep. They got decomposed into dirt." … #
  • … "Now you have to be careful with your tail, so you don't wap someone. I still love you, though. You're a good dinosaur!" #
  • … "Some people think you died because a meteor hit the earth. Yeah. And then plants stopped growing, so all the PLANT eaters died." … #
  • … "And then there weren't anymore dinosaurs to eat, so the MEAT eating dinosaurs died. Yeah. And then you were all gone." #
  • "Dear Heavenly Father," Brother prayed tonight by himself, "Please bless our guests to feel better. In the name of Jesus Christ, Amen." … #
  • … Our playdate friends couldn't come today because they got sick. I was so touched that Brother remembered them and prayed for them! #
  • I played with Boots in the sandbox today for our awesome "alone time". He was Preston Pig & I dug pits for him to fall in & get buried. :):) #
  • It's blackberry season!! I think picking them together will be a daily activity until they're gone– since the boys love it! #
  • Prayer works!! I found a lost library book I've been trying to find for weeks! Boots helped & it was a total answer to prayer. Thank you! #
  • Boots spontaneously identified the letter "O" tonight while sitting on our backdoor welcome mat!… #
  • … Then he said, "Two of 'em!" and pointed to "W" and "M". (They looked the same from his angle). Wow!! Great job, Boots!! #
  • One of my favorite games to play w/ Brother is talking for his toys. Today I talked for his T-rex & he was SO incredibly sweet, kind & cute! #
  • "Prince Ali ali-ali Ali Ababwa," Boots sang sweetly from his crib right before I went in to get him. He was just laying there singing. :) #
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