Twitter Updates for 2011-08-29

  • Went to the zoo w/ great friends yesterday– so fun! Brother & Boots especially loved the dinosaur exhibit! I'm so glad we went. #
  • Boots, while chasing Daddy through our room & brandishing his train track sword high above his head: "Daddy be Laddin! I'm be guard!" #
  • Just walked into the kitchen to find Daddy holding Brother & Boots, dancing to"Scripture Power"on the CD player. :) #
  • Boots: "Daddy dance wif Brother! Daddy dance wif Boots!" :) #
  • I almost tried to cook my bowl of oatmeal in the cupboard instead of the microwave. #
  • Baby sleeps through the crazy mayhem of Brother & Boots, but the slightest turn of his door knob pops his eyes wide open. Makes no sense. #
  • "BOB THE BUILDER!!" just came wafting down from upstairs. From a certain Boots. Who is apparently not napping. Man. I love that kid! #
  • Brother, on the way home from church: "After this, can we play 'One Jump'?" #
  • Boots, chasing Daddy thru our room this morning & brandishing his train track sword high above his head: "Daddy be Laddin! I'm be guard!" #
  • Boots started asking today: "Mommy, what you wanna be??" :):) I love it! I'm amazed at how much he's gotten into pretending. #
  • One of Boots' favorite things: relating what has happened or is happening. Charming thinks he'd be a good reporter. #
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