Twitter Updates for 2011-08-24

August 24th, 2011

  • The great post-pregnancy hair exodus of 2011 has officially begun! #
  • "Did he get any bruises?" I asked Brother, playing w/ a pretend kid toppling from blocks. "He did get one teeny tiny mosquito bruise." #
  • "Teese! Teeeeese! Teese, Broda!" Boots said as he took pictures with a train car held up to his eye. :) #
  • It's so peculiar… Baby doesn't seem to like nursing on the right side. #
  • Brother is sling-shotting clean underwear at his father. #
  • "Big! Boots hewp BIG!" Boots told me with big arm movements after helping Daddy clean up the blocks. #
  • Note to self: Next year, order four boxes of cherries. Freeze two, can one and dehydrate one. #
  • "I'm hit Broda," Boots said when I went outside. "You hit Brother?" I confirmed. "Yes," he answered. Well. At least he's honest! #
  • I held sweet Baby during a doctor's appointment for me today. He was so tired & just wanted to sleep & I felt bad. Eventually… #
  • … He got restless. Every time he did, I put his cheek to mine & started humming "Baby Mine" & he quieted right down every time! So sweet! #

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