Twitter Updates for 2011-08-20

  • Ha! Boots and Brother are sitting at breakfast arguing over which one of them gets to marry me. :-) #
  • "I made my oatmeal into a sidewalk and now I have to cut it all up into pieces before I eat it," Brother explains as he chops w/ his spoon. #
  • In a desperate attempt to stall a nap, Boots sat in the corner of his room & fervently folded his arms, "Heavly Fader, Tank you blessings." #
  • Ow! I just rolled my ankle on the way to watering the grass seed out front. Ibuprofen & an ace bandage from a friend & I hope to be good! #
  • Holy cow! I LOVE Baby's huge smiles when I come in to get him!! #
  • "Caves are made of all sorts of natural minerals," Brother told his friend as they entered the dark toy room for some spelunking fun. :) #
  • "Let's go pulunking!" Boots cried out earlier this morning. :) #
  • "Okay, we can turn the light on. I guess you saw a shadow that embarrassed you," Brother said. #
  • "Did you see a shadow that embarrassed you?" "Yeah," said friend. "Just think about Heavenly Father & Jesus. Then you'll feel better." #
  • "Please! Be brave! Don't you trust me? I'll be with you the whole time! If you really think about God, you'll feel better," Brother said #
  • Poor Brother. He is struggling w/ a female friend who doesn't share his enthusiasm for dark caves & flashlights. :-) #
  • Oh dear, Brother is stuck on trying to convince his friend that caves are wonderful & she's not impressed… #
  • Oh good. They've moved on to discussing the plot line of "The Little Mermaid". #
  • "Don't you like Princesses?" she asks. "No!" Brother exclaims & runs out of the room as she starts telling the story of Snow White. #
  • (Can you tell I'm loving listening to these two play?? I could sit here all day…) :-) #
  • Brother just told a story about a cave that walks & talks & plays & now he's saying they're inside it even though she doesn't want to be… #
  • "I'm telling a story about caves. Are you going to tell a story about princesses again? Are you ready to talk about caves now?" #
  • For a preparedness junkie, I'm sadly lacking in the ice packs & ace bandages department! #
  • "1 day there was an island that had 1 problem. It had the WORLD'S BIGGEST cave! I'm talking about caves. Are you interested in caves now?" #
  • Oh boy. Boots is awake and has now joined the crew. :-) #
  • Holy. Toledo. This is the calmest lunch we've ever had! We really need to have a girl!! #
  • "Usually we SEE the songs," our girl visitor said in confusion while we listened to our Little Mermaid soundtrack at lunch. :-) #
  • "Are you okay?" I asked our girl visitor. "I want to marry Brother, but he says he won't because he's already married to you," she pouted. #
  • Oh, the folly! I automatically ran to catch Boots for his timeout and my sore ankle has been reminding me of it ever since. :( #
  • Uh-oh. Now my foot hurts, too… The pain is spreading. That can't be good… Maybe it will heal overnight? #
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