Twitter Updates for 2011-08-19

  • "What is this?" I asked Brother while inspecting an extra layer of fabric hanging out from his pants, "Are you wearing 2 pairs of pants?"… #
  • …"No," he answered w/ a mischievous grin & tried to pull away from me. Looking closer I laughed, "Are you wearing a shirt for underwear?" #
  • …"Yes," Brother laughed along w/me, "I'm wearing a shirt for underwear! I've been wanting to do it & thought today I would!" I love him! #
  • Aahh! During the last hectic minutes of a wonderful playdate, Boots took off thru the front door! I found him exploring at the neighbor's. #
  • Uh-oh… Only one Costco cookie left! I can't go into a hard end-of-the-week-Friday w/ only one Costco cookie for my afternoon pick-me-up… #
  • … Love, will you please get me some more? Thank you!!! #
  • *Sigh* There is nothing better than rocking a sweet, soft, warm, cuddly, sleeping baby! #
  • Just installed a chain lock on the OUTSIDE of our back door to keep Boots outside when we're playing. Never thought I'd need to do that! #
  • Brother was so incredibly sweet at bedtime! He asked me to lay w/ him, hold his hand, be Eric & Ariel & talk of our love & getting married. #
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