Twitter Updates for 2011-08-18

August 18th, 2011

  • Well lookie there! The eyelashes on my left eye have almost grown back! They always shorten up when I'm pregnant & eventually come back. #
  • Just finished homeschool with Brother. He read a reader book titled "Phil & Phyllis" & then we did a base 10 math lesson in his workbook. :) #
  • I was aligned again today when my PT checked! Two weeks in a row! Just 4 more weeks and I should be healed. Hooray! #
  • Ouch. I think I got my first black eye today. My face connected w/ a book Boots was swinging (total accident) & it put me out of commission. #
  • Wowzers. I need an ice pack for my eye, Aleve for my head and bed for my weary bones. #
  • My PT asked if her 10-yr-old daughter could hold Baby at our appointment today. They were an adorable pair! :) #

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