Twitter Updates for 2011-08-17

  • Charming found a bawling Brother sitting in his doorway at 1 am this morning. He thought his bed was wet (it wasn't) & told Daddy… #
  • … "Don't tell Mommy; I don't want her to cry." Daddy comforted the sweet, confused little guy & put him back to bed. Poor guy! #
  • Ack! I went downstairs yesterday & found the back door wide open & Boots nonchalantly picking peas in the garden. Time for another lock! #
  • Here it comes… Baby is 3 months old now. That means I'll start losing a year's worth of built up hair anyday. Prepare the vacuums!! #
  • "Rabee-n Nie! Raaabeeee-n Niiiiie!" Boots belts out his version of Aladdin's "Arabian Nights" while waiting for his oatmeal to cook. :) #
  • Brother is a bug catching dinosaur. Boots is a fruga mix eating dinosaur. I love it! (fruga mix = fruit & nut mix) #
  • In my attempt to water the dry, crunchy back lawn & get the sprinkler to stop spraying 360°, the whole thing dismantled itself in my hands! #
  • I installed a new chain lock on the back door. Boots was not happy about it. #
  • "My daddy-long-leg likes his new friend Brother!" Brother exclaimed at lunch while admiring the creature in his new bug catching kit. :) #
  • Phew! I feel like I just wrestled a bunch of ferocious, noisy crocodiles & they almost won. They're all asleep now, though, & I'm beat! #
  • Charming just taught a wonderful, captivating FHE flannel board lesson about using words that send sunshine instead of arrows. Thanks, Love! #
  • Oh, I'm so relieved! After 2 awful experiences w/ a new nurse who stabs shots, we got a sweet, gentle nurse today we'll request from now on! #
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