Twitter Updates for 2011-08-16

August 16th, 2011

  • Charming, Brother & Boots are reading morning scriptures in Boots' "cave"…. (His dark bedroom). :-) #
  • "Pulunk! Pulunk wif Broda!" says Boots. "Let's go spelunking in Boots' cave!" says Brother. And off they go w/ flashlights into his room. #
  • "Pulunking! Pulunking!" Boots calls out, hopping down the hall and brandishing a shining flashlight with flare and zeal! #
  • "One, two, fwee, nine, ten, leven, tewv, terteen, teventeen, eighteen, nineteen, tenny!" Boots' adorable counting! :-) #
  • "Wan Pincess! Dis Is My Idea! Lis Ariel! Listen Laddin! Aladdin!" Boots making his list of breakfast listening requests. :-) #
  • "Mama, bacuum," Boots says as he points to his spilled (again) smoothie on the counter. Then I grab his straw and "vacuum" it all up. :) #
  • "It looks like everyone is ready for a spelunking good time!" Brother calls out. "Pulunking good time!!" Boots chimes in. #
  • "Mama, what you doing? What you doing, Mama?" Boots asks, pauses to listen to my answer, then exclaims, "Oh!" #

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