Twitter Updates for 2011-08-11

  • Great job, Boots!! Yesterday, he was kind, loving & gentle w/ everyone– family & playdate friends! He impressed us all w/ his maturity!! #
  • I'm thrilled to say Baby shows no ill effects from the unfortunate hitting incident. Just as calm, content & blissfully happy as usual! Yay! #
  • Bubbers is indulging one of his favorite pastimes: Digging! In dirt! :) #
  • I just know that Anne of Green Gables & I would be bosom friends! We would frolick on the gorgeous seashore w/ flowers in our hair. :) #
  • I love making things all better for my boys with a warm hug. #
  • I want to clean my boys' sandbox. Is that being a little too OCD? Wanting to clean dirt? #
  • "Moodie! Moodie!" Boots is making a smoothie in his play kitchen. :-) #
  • Bubbers, "You're not going to die b/c you're not old yet. When you're old you've got bumps. But you don't have bumps yet so you're not old." #
  • Bubbers is having me pretend to be all the villains from our books and then he teaches me the Restored Gospel. It's awesome! #
  • Boots, "Dig up Voginia." #
  • I made Baby laugh outloud today!!!! He's been doing these huge smiling silent laughs for a few days now, but today he did a real, "Ha!" #
  • Speaking of Baby and laughter, he is so ticklish!! That's how we've gotten the silent laughs in the past– just by poking his little sides. #
  • …Baby is also ticklish along his jawline & neck! It is so adorable. Surprisingly, I got his outloud laugh today just by talking to him! #
  • Bubbers & Boots can pick & harvest peas now! Well, Boots just eats the whole thing. :) But Bubbers pulls the string & pops them right open! #
  • I LOVE when Baby wants to nurse and mistakenly (and furiously!) attacks a hand. :) So sweetly adorable! #
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