Twitter Updates for 2011-08-09

  • Charming, "I figured out why Bubbers looks so tired this morning. He dreamt that he jumped on the trampoline all night & jumped into space!" #
  • Boots, "The itsty-bitsy pider… Righteously!" #
  • Boots, "A B C D E F G… Bob the Builder! Can we fix it? Bob the Builder! Can we fix it?" #
  • Boots, "Dig up Virginia… Mama?" #
  • Boots, "Book of Mormon tories… A B C D E F G… Lamanites!" #
  • Baby just cried himself to sleep. He was tired already & then Boots slapped him in the face for no reason. I cried as hard as Baby… #
  • … And wanted to leave Boots in his timeout porta crib forever. I tried to console Baby, but he wouldn't stop crying… #
  • … I finally laid him down & he fell asleep after a few minutes. I prayed that he wouldn't be emotionally scarred & then I faced Boots… #
  • … I told him he hurt Baby & he hurt Mommy & it was NOT okay. Then I left him in for a few more minutes b/c I knew he wouldn't like it… #
  • … Then I faced him again & repeated what I'd said before. I counted for his timeout & had him apologize. Then I told him I loved him… #
  • … And thankfully, I was able to feel that love for him again– pushing through & replacing the ache & anger in my heart… #
  • … I knew he was sick & tired & I tried to be grateful for how gentle he has been lately. Controlling his urge to be physical is hard… #
  • … And I needed to focus on all the days & weeks that he's done better with it. I also told myself he wouldn't be like this forever… #
  • …Then I talked to Charming & he assured me that Baby would be okay. Now they're all napping & I'm going to eat 3 Costco cookies for lunch! #
  • … After that I won't let Boots touch Baby for at least a day & hopefully something like this will never happen again. Man alive… #
  • … I just feel so bad for sweet, innocent little Baby. I hope he knows how much we love him. It's so hard to see my children hurt… #
  • … Each other. I love them all & want them all to show only love for each other. This must be how God feels. I don't know if my poor… #
  • … Heart can take it. Do you think they have Costco cookies in heaven? Come to think of it, I'll bet God inspired them here! Thank you. :) #
  • Bubbers, on the way down after a nap, "Can I get a new book, Mommy? Can I get 4 new books?" Then all I heard was lots of page turning. :) #
  • I don't know what it is about writing, but after something bad happens (like Boots hitting Baby), I only feel okay after writing it all out. #
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