Twitter Updates for 2011-08-04

August 4th, 2011

  • The boys ate lunch outside in their new (to us) playhouse– it was so cute! #
  • We just played on the tramp all together– ring around the rosie, chase, crack the egg, follow the brother, crash in a big heap– so fun!! #
  • I wondered if the safety net was over-kill on our tramp until Boots was saved by it twice today during our hysterical laughter & play time! #
  • When Bubbers heard I needed to go to my PT again to help my pelvis heal, he said, "I can look at it to make sure it's healing here at home!" #
  • … Then Bubbers walked up to me, looked at my stomach, poked me and said, "It looks good!" :-) #
  • Oh yeah. The boys totally walked next door to the park barefoot! Our new tramp has brought out the carefree girl mother in me. I love it! #

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