Twitter Updates for 2011-08-03

August 3rd, 2011

  • I love how Boots gently runs his hand over the little bumps on his libbit (blankie) & sucks his lower lip as he listens to me sing goodnight #
  • Oh, yay! I'm wearing a whole pre-pregnancy outfit– shirt and capris! I am so grateful. #
  • I love reading 'Pocahontas' to Boots… Because then he keeps talking about, "Dohn Miff! Pocahontas! Kocoum! Thomas! Take Dohn Miff!" :):) #
  • Oh! I just opened the door to Baby's room and his sweet smell (baby lotion combined with milk) came pouring out over me. Boy, I miss him! #
  • Phew! They were very good & it went quite smoothly, but I don't think I'll grocery shop with all 3 kids for a while. It's pretty crazy! :) #
  • Thanks for all your help in the backyard, Love! It's all organized and clean and awesome. I can't wait to play back there tomorrow! #

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