What makes my life easier: Monitors

A sweet friend and neighbor across the park recently gave me a baby monitor. She had visited my house and knew that I liked them. And now, thanks to her…

Monitors defined

… I have one for each child! :):)

This has been so helpful for me. With their separate rooms and multiple naps throughout the day, this is very handy for quickly identifying which child has just woken up (or hasn’t fallen asleep!) and needs me.

It’s also nice to have right by the back door and an open window. Before I go out in the backyard, I just crank up whichever ones are sleeping and then head out. That way I can hear them if they cry or stick my head in for a quick listen in case they’ve woken up quietly.

And just because I could, I ordered them from oldest to youngest. And it makes me smile. :)

2 thoughts on “What makes my life easier: Monitors

  1. We did the same thing! Gavin’s recently broke though and Nathan wouldn’t let me get another one. :(

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