Twitter Updates for 2011-08-02

August 2nd, 2011

  • My hair looks all crazy drying up in clips… I love how the boys don't even seem to notice. It made me forget until I looked in a mirror! #
  • Wow! We had some Rainier cherries for the first time ever this morning and they were incredible! Best cherries I've ever had. #
  • Bubbers read his 1st planned scripture in Primary yesterday! His 1st time reading in public & he did awesome! (Had most of it memorized!) #
  • Still reminding myself to stand with weight equally on both feet… My PT said more weight on 1 leg can throw your pelvis out of alignment. #
  • I played on the tramp with Bubbers and Boots today. So fun to have a toy we can all play on!! Makes me feel like a young girl again. :):) #
  • Bought 5 dozen wide mouth quart canning jars off craigslist today. Excited to use them! Probably next summer… #

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