Twitter Updates for 2011-07-30

July 30th, 2011

  • The only time I had pain the last few days was on my way to my PT appointment yesterday. Curiously convenient! #
  • Hoping my alignment from yesterday lasts all week this time… #
  • My PT loves holding Baby while she gives me instructions. It's very cute! #
  • Bought some young raspberry canes today. Hopefully these will last longer than the seven previous plants we've had from other sources… #
  • "Aw bloomp! Boots go 'aw bloomp' on trampoline!" Boots adorably told me with sound effects and hand gestures at lunch today. :) #
  • *sneeze!* "Aw-goo!" Our favorite conclusion to Baby's adorable sneezes. :-) #
  • Today, Bubbers, Boots and I have been active volcanoes. I never thought I'd be called "Mommy Volcano"! :-) #
  • Oh feef! Right when I fell asleep to take a nap, the boys woke up! I waited too long. Oh well. Some of my Friday tiredness is gone. :) #
  • Trying not to be frustrated that a craigslister hasn't responded or answered his phone… We really want to buy his Little Tykes playhouse! #
  • "Blueblebly! Blueblebly!" Boots (and Bubbers) ate their first blueberries from our young bushes today! :) #
  • Bubbers ate the rest of our sour, sour cherries off the tree today. Pits and all! #
  • Boots and Bubbers ate the first sweet peas out of our garden this year today. Boots even wanted to eat the pods and loved them. So funny! #

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