Twitter Updates for 2011-07-27

July 27th, 2011

  • Just finished homeschool with Bubbers. Pulled out some story activities from my language treatment materials and he loved them– very fun! #
  • You know Boots is done with his food when he starts playing with it… Crushing it, throwing it, spitting it, putting it in his ears… :-) #
  • Holy sore thumb! Charming & I just stemmed, washed & pitted 20 lbs. of cherries. That was a lot of work… Thanks for your help, Love! #
  • Note to self: Buy another cherry pitter for next year. Two pitters will go faster than one. And will hopefully save your sore hand. :-) #
  • Did story & singing time with Boots (& Bubbers) today. He sure loved "Panda bear, Panda bear, What do you see?" & "Matt & Molly". So fun! #
  • I miss Baby Prince. I'm so glad he's a good sleeper, but, oh, how I miss him. I think I'll go sit next to him while he sleeps for a bit. #

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