Twitter Updates for 2011-07-22

July 22nd, 2011

  • Ack!! My 2nd son filled the kitchen with "Lake Boots"! I found him frozen at the fridge with water pouring out of his cup everywhere! #
  • "Can I please have some alone time with Baby Prince?" Bubbers asked so sweetly, "I don't get to see him very often." #
  • "I wish we had a crab for a pet," Bubbers said in the car this morning, "Then he could cut our grass." :):) #
  • A whirlwind trip to Costco. A whirlwind putting away of the food. A whirlwind putting the boys to sleep for afternoon naps… I'm tired! #
  • "Sometimes my body makes me do things I'm not exposed [aka: 'supposed'] to do," Bubbers said when caught laying on his floor at nap time. :) #
  • Boots always goes to sleep with his head resting on his outstretched right arm while sucking his lower lip. I love it. #
  • Ooh, there's a fun book giveaway on one of my favorite blogs: Check it out! #

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