Twitter Updates for 2011-07-21

  • Bubbers yesterday: "Mommy, there were SEVEN GALLONS of pee-pee in my pull-up this morning. SEVEN! GAAALLONS!!" #
  • Yuck. Just killed three slimy slugs from our strawberry patch. Really puts a damper on the joys of picking strawberries for breakfast. :( #
  • Baby Prince is just barely beginning to stir after t w e l v e hours of sleep. He's only two months old! Amazing. #
  • *hack, hack!* I caught Boots' cough and it sounds awful. Feels like I'm trying to hack up a lung (as Charming would say). :-) #
  • Bubbers grows out of the arms of his shirts first. Boots grows out of the neck holes and bellies of his shirts first… #
  • … Just in the last couple days, Baby Prince has grown out of the feet of his sleepers. :-) The nurses always said his feet were big. #
  • We're getting ready to walk on our new patio for the first time!! The boys are so excited! :-) #
  • Oh! It was soo wonderful to be outside in the backyard again! I love, love, love our new patio. #
  • Boots is crawling inside the outdoor toy box. Again. :-) #
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