Twitter Updates for 2011-07-20

  • Harvested my first worm castings from our worm bin last night to put on the roots of raspberry bushes we planted in the backyard. Fun, fun! #
  • Holy toledo! Baby Prince slept 10 hours last night. He's incredible. #
  • Boots just amazes me with his level of attention to detail and keen observational skills! Nothing gets past this guy… #
  • Baby Prince was soo sweet and smiley and chatty this morning! It always makes it so hard to leave him and let him sleep again. I miss him! #
  • I can hear Baby Prince humming in his sleep over the monitor with each sweet little breath… What an absolute sweetheart. #
  • Bubbers and I are pirates this morning. :-) He's protecting his treasure chest of precious gems (his rock collection). #
  • Boots is singing along as he reads books to himself over in the book corner. "A-hunting we will go!!" he cries out. So cute! #
  • Oh! Now they're Siamese cats and I'm Aunt Sarah from Lady and the Tramp. :-) #
  • Phew! I'm trying to transition my worms for the 1st time up into a new bin & it looks like it's working & none are trying to escape– yay! #
  • "Listen Ariel! Listen Ariel!" Boots exclaimed as he came booking up to me in the kitchen. "OK!" & I get out The Little Mermaid CD. :-) #
  • Praying that our concrete patio gets poured today! I'd love to have our privacy and a safe, orderly backyard back again… :-) #
  • Aww… How I love to hear the little motor sound Baby Prince makes sometimes in his sleep! #
  • Cute Baby Prince… I swear it takes him an hour to finally wake up fully to eat again. :-) #
  • Poor workers… They JUST finished the concrete patio (yay!) & all it needed to do was dry, when it started to rain! #
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