Twitter Updates for 2011-07-16

July 16th, 2011

  • "Dink! Dink! I want DAT! Peeeease," Boots exclaimed as he pulled himself up on the stool next to me and my morning smoothie. :) #
  • *gag!* I just used my new mouth-to-nose snot sucker on the Little Prince who was having trouble breathing… Boy, it works and it's GROSS. #
  • Visited Charming at work with the boys today… So fun to see where Daddy spends his days! And very fun to go out to lunch as a family. :) #
  • "Boot coming, Mama, Boot coming!" Boots called down while crawling through the tunnels of a McDonald's playland. So cute!! #
  • "Mommy, can I spend some alone time with Baby?" Bubbers asks every day, "I don't get to be with him very much & I really like him." :) #
  • My favorite games today: Foam pit. Cannon ball. Slingshot. Firefighters. Clifford & The Dinosaur Head. :-) #
  • "Tank tu, Mama!" Boots is so polite and spontaneously grateful– it is so touching! #
  • "Boot do it tewf!" Boots says emphatically while pointing at his chest. He LOVES to do things himself. :-) #

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