Twitter Updates for 2011-07-08

July 8th, 2011

  • "Climb out Boots self!" Sir Boots eagerly announced after climbing out of his crib all by himself (& missing his nap) this afternoon. :-) #
  • "Mommy, I love the color of lacquer. I love how you can see through it just like a window!" Bubbers declared during a discussion on rot. :-) #
  • Sadly, the crib tent has not arrived yet. The porta crib tent did, though, so we can enforce timeouts again.Phew! Normality is returning. #
  • The Little Prince had a great day! He slept all night (8.5 hrs), took long naps, smiled AND cooed! I'm so glad– he really needed it. #
  • Youch! My Caesarean scar hasn't hurt in 2 wks. But after a short trip to Costco pushing all 3 boys in that huge cart, I'm hurting again! :( #
  • Boots today: "More dance!" "Climb out!" "Thank you, Mommy!" "Mama!… Mama!" "Mommy watch!" "Foam pit!" "Cinderella!" "TV!" "Touch Baby!" #

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