Yesterday was pretty rough for me

July 7th, 2011

Reason Number One:


Sir Boots is climbing out of his crib (so the poor guy is sleep-deprived), has a lingering cough and is climbing out of his timeout porta-crib (so a previously effective consequence is completely useless).

And the crib tent I ordered with one-day shipping to keep Boots in his crib and getting all the sleep he needs again was delayed by the Phoenix sandstorm and did not arrive. :(


This is what he did instead of taking his morning nap. And this is what he was doing when we went in at 6:30 am to get him. He was silent the whole time, so who knows how long he’d been awake!


Because he was so tired after all his missed sleep, he wasn’t nearly as jovial and well-behaved as he usually is.

One time when he got upset in the morning, he scared the pants off me by running to the front door, unbolting it and trying to leave!

And at one point in the afternoon he didn’t want to put clothes back on after getting cleaned up from a blow-out messy diaper. I kept telling him he needed a diaper on so he wouldn’t go to the bathroom on the floor. And he just stood there and kept refusing. And then he urinated right on my legs. It was so classic I felt like I was in a movie!


Reason Number Two:

2011-07-06 16.35.04

The Little Prince had a really hard time falling asleep for most of the day.  The only place he would sleep was in my arms.  So that’s where I let him sleep.  Which was so wonderful and cozy.  :)  But did make it hard to take care of the other boys and manage poor, tired Boots.  Fortunately, I was not holding him when Boots urinated on me!  :)


Reason Number Three:

2011-07-06 13.35.45

Boots and Bubbers only slept one meager hour for their afternoon nap (which is usually at least twice that long).  It wasn’t nearly long enough for all of us.

But!  During that one hour nap, I held the Little Prince and researched nasal aspirators on Amazon.

You see, the Little Prince has been congested for a couple weeks now and our little blue bulb just isn’t cutting it.

So, I started looking at other products and found this: The Nosefrida.  You actually suck out the gunk yourself with a tube in your mouth!

Well, I finally decided to order a similar product, but not before I guffawed up a storm at this review for the Nosefrida.  And with the exhausting day I was having yesterday, it was a welcome moment of light-hearted humor!   Thank you, Mr. Moobs!  :)

By Moobs (New York, NY) – See all my reviews


my wife has tiny nostrils. i can’t fit any of my fingers in her nose…it’s amazing she can breathe through her nose at all. consequently, our son is also lacking in the nostril-diameter department. he gets boogies…he can’t breathe very well…he gets upset. it’s been like that since he was born, whenever that was…recently. i forget, but i digress. we came home from the hospital with a pretty decent nose-sucking bulb…it did a reasonably OK job of sucking out boogers…and was reasonably firm and springy. but then our dog ate it. so, i tried to find a replacement. not all bulbs are created equal, i soon found out. some were too hard to squeeze and didn’t spring back quickly enough. others were too soft to suck anything out and just sat there, mocking me. i tried at least four different replacement bulbs, none of which were as good as the one from the hospital. we even tried a fancy battery powered nose vacuum that made a whirring sound but produced nary a single lump of green gold. while ordering the various, useless bulbs i also ordered this thing – the nosefrida – on a whim thinking i was probably wasting $13.


this thing works. it sucks boogers out of noses. it even stores them in a little tube to eat later. or, you can just wash them out in the sink. anyway…it works better than any of the other things we tried…and we tried pretty much everything. there’s a technique to it:

– suck in quick short bursts with your mouth muscles first…to loosen things up
– then, suck in long hoover-style bursts to get those boogies out
– if the boogies get stuck near the surface, try pulling the end of the thing out a little mid-suck a few times
– use a tissue or q-tip to get any nose goblins that are loitering anywhere accessible
– repeat

if i was a professional booger sucker…and it was my job to suck the snot out of noses 8 hours a day, i would insist on using this thing. but i would want a longer tube, and a holster.