Twitter Updates for 2011-07-02

July 2nd, 2011

  • "Mommy, dat one!" Scooters pointed at one of my hanging shirts for me to wear last week. How fun to get a request from my little 2-yr-old! #
  • Bubbers: "Mommy, why did your parents name you Heidi? I don't like that name. I like Mommy better." :-) #
  • Holy garbage. I just made it through Walmart in an hour with 3 little kids. Who knew Heidi could shop that fast?! Amazing. #
  • I think my Little Prince is getting woken up by stomach pains. Poor baby. :( #
  • Bubbers: "I want to have a girl when I grow up. I'll name her Mommy." :-) #
  • Scooters does the funniest running/dances! He cracks me up. :-) #
  • Bubbers: "I'm going to marry YOU,Mommy. And I'm going to keep my promise. Do you want to dance with me in the temple? How will you dance?" #
  • The Little Prince's eyelashes are getting long and dark– just like his brothers'. I love it! #
  • Aww… I just heard an ice cream truck go by. It really is summer. :-) #

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