Twitter Updates for 2011-07-31

  • Phew! We have had a full, busy Saturday! We will all sleep well tonight… #
  • First thing this morning, we bought a huge new-to-us trampoline & safety net off craigslist! It's almost completely assembled & we love it! #
  • I'm feeling the sunburn of cutting up a tree on a beautiful, sunny day. :-) #
  • The Sister missionaries tracted our street and stopped by to say hello. They are so neat! It's really fun having them in our ward. #
  • Baby Prince slept soo much today. 11 hours. 6 hours. Then 5 hours. I missed him!! He is such a sweetheart. #

Twitter Updates for 2011-07-30

  • The only time I had pain the last few days was on my way to my PT appointment yesterday. Curiously convenient! #
  • Hoping my alignment from yesterday lasts all week this time… #
  • My PT loves holding Baby while she gives me instructions. It's very cute! #
  • Bought some young raspberry canes today. Hopefully these will last longer than the seven previous plants we've had from other sources… #
  • "Aw bloomp! Boots go 'aw bloomp' on trampoline!" Boots adorably told me with sound effects and hand gestures at lunch today. :) #
  • *sneeze!* "Aw-goo!" Our favorite conclusion to Baby's adorable sneezes. :-) #
  • Today, Bubbers, Boots and I have been active volcanoes. I never thought I'd be called "Mommy Volcano"! :-) #
  • Oh feef! Right when I fell asleep to take a nap, the boys woke up! I waited too long. Oh well. Some of my Friday tiredness is gone. :) #
  • Trying not to be frustrated that a craigslister hasn't responded or answered his phone… We really want to buy his Little Tykes playhouse! #
  • "Blueblebly! Blueblebly!" Boots (and Bubbers) ate their first blueberries from our young bushes today! :) #
  • Bubbers ate the rest of our sour, sour cherries off the tree today. Pits and all! #
  • Boots and Bubbers ate the first sweet peas out of our garden this year today. Boots even wanted to eat the pods and loved them. So funny! #

Twitter Updates for 2011-07-29

  • Note to self: 20 pounds of cherries fills about 10 quart freezer bags (after lots of pre-freezing snacking). #
  • "Mmm!! Mommy, you need to make this smoothie EVERY DAY!!" Bubbers exclaimed. Extra yogurt and frozen cherries in it were a huge hit. :-) #

Twitter Updates for 2011-07-28

  • Mmm… Homemade banana bread for breakfast! 3 kids & hanging out at home has really brought out the domestic in me. It's surprisingly fun. #
  • I wore an apron for the very first time in my life last night. (Our cherry pitter has a 3-foot spraying radius!) It was quite satisfying. #
  • Bubbers is a true-blue baseball boy. I tried to get him to play some indoor basketball with me & he started batting with a toy hammer! :-) #
  • Wake up. Fall back to sleep. Wake up. Fall back to sleep. Wake up. Fall back to sleep. Wake up. Stay up! Yay!! Baby, I missed you. #
  • What a beautiful a day! We went for a walk, played at the park, pretended to be lions and dinosaurs, and laughed! :-) #
  • Bubbers came crying into our room at 2 am b/c one of his name letters fell off the wall. It was good Daddy helped– I was so delirious. #
  • Oh, how I love the way Baby stretches with both arms up, hands fisted, lips pursed, eyes squinted, and his little back arched! #
  • Ha, ha! Some of our garlic is sprouting… #