Snapshot in time: 34 and 36 weeks

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This was back at 34 weeks along.

He was head down, but still floating with no signs of early labor.  Still lots of TUMS and pelvic joint pain.  But I could still handle the walking involved in running errands and shopping with the boys.

My left arm pains started up again. :(  One time it was so bad I couldn’t stop crying while I tried to use my arm to make the boys lunch.  Bubbers was very sweet and prayed with me to ask for it to go away.  When it went away later, Bubbers smiled, “God answered our prayer!”  I was so relieved!

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This is me at 36 weeks now.  I can’t believe he’s going to be born next month!!

At my last appointment, the doctor found that the baby had turned and is actually breech now!  Fortunately, it doesn’t matter since we’re already doing a planned C-section.  But now I wonder if being breech is contributing to this little guy’s physical antics.   He is constantly waking me up with some limb painfully wedged into the uppermost extremities of my abdomen.  It feels like he’s trying to burst himself out of there and then gets stuck between my skin and my ribs.  And then my uterus tries to fight back with a contraction that squeezes the limb even tighter.  It actually takes my breath away.  Ouch!!

I asked the doctor if there were any acupressure interventions we could do to help prevent/stop my arm pains.  He showed us where Charming could squeeze my neck and lift my chin (something called traction?) to help relax my neck.  It feels wonderful and so far I haven’t had any more pains (knock on wood!).

My pelvic joints are shot.  The doctor says exercise makes it worse and being a couch potato is the only thing that alleviates the pain.  Last week I took the boys to the dog park and could hardly walk afterward.  (Charming had to come home early to take care of the boys!) :(   So, now I’ve put myself on house rest and try to only go out if we really have to.  Otherwise, we stay home and play in our backyard or the park next door.  It’s been good, but now my nesting instincts are kicking in and I want to constantly clean or organize and I keep forgetting to just rest.  (And then I pay for it later when I’m so sore I can’t sleep!)

Oh, and I’m huge.  The doctor said the baby is measuring average and shouldn’t be that big, but I just laughed and said, “That’s what you said last time and then Scooters was 9 pounds, 6 ounces!”  Apparently, when laying down at the doctor’s office, my body conceals huge babies in consistently average measurements.  (Personally, I think it would be more accurate to measure the newly extended length of my stretch marks instead!)  :)

All in all, I’m good.  Very tired.  And big.  But good.  Part of me really wants to reschedule my C-section for 2 weeks earlier, but we’ll tough it out until my due date.  (We like to give birth to newborns the size of three-month-olds).  And when I get too uncomfortable, I just order a few more romance novels by Mormon authors off Amazon with my personal money and they pleasantly take my mind off of it all.  :)

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9 thoughts on “Snapshot in time: 34 and 36 weeks

  1. Oh it is so fun to see pics of you and your cute belly! I can sympathize with how painful and uncomfortable that last month of pregnancy is. It’s just miserable. I’m glad the traction is helping your arm pain (and the prayers too!) So excited that we’ll get to see your little guy on the outside soon!

  2. You’re so close! Hang in there! Have you read anything by Susan Evans McCloud? She’s my favorite LDS author. :)

  3. You make Hayden’s “pregnancy” sound better all the time! I always wonder if another pregnancy would be as easy as the first. Backaches were my only complaint the entire time, and I work out more now than I ever did before that pregnancy so I always wonder if I’d even have that now that my back muscles are a little stronger.

  4. How sweet of Bubbers to pray with you and then recognize the answers to prayers! I feel for you with the aches and pains.

    I have to share something I learned while I worked in physical therapy clinics. It is a type of self/home traction you can do for your neck, if it flairs up while you are at home alone. I would teach people this all the time, so feel free to ask me about it if you want. I found a web page that describes it pretty well. The only things I would add is, you can bend your knees while on your back if you want, and you fold the towel in half, bringing the two ends together before you tie it to the rope. If you need more traction just scoot a little away from the door. For less traction, scoot closer to the door.

    I hope you keep feeling better and it doesn’t come back!

  5. Thank you, Charlotte–you are the best! :) It’s amazing how easily I forget it all… Although, I swear it’s getting harder/worse with each one. But through it all, we’re super excited, too!! :)

  6. Thank you, Cara!!! No, I haven’t–thank you for the recommendation–I will definitely check her out! If you have any other recommendations, please let me know.

  7. Seriously, Stacey! I often wonder why it has to be this hard… Although it sounds like yours was awesome. I’ll bet you’d be fine with more!

  8. Oh, Heidi! You’re an angel–thank you so much for the link and advice!! I often just squeeze my neck on my own, but it’s wonderful to know I can do the traction if I’m alone, too. Thank you!!

  9. Sorry to hear of your physical challenges at this last month of your pregnancy.
    Dr.’s seemed to underestimate the size of my babies too. I figured it was because I didn’t have much amniotic fluid at the end. I think this will be your largest baby and he’ll be worth all the sacrifices that you are making.

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