22, 28 and 31 weeks pregnant!

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22 weeks pregnant!

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My typical pregnancy aches and pains had just started, so I pulled out the ol’ trusty belly bra and knee braces for both knees.  It was great to have them already this time around!

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People started commenting that I was getting a cute little bump.

I was still feeling really good.

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28 weeks pregnant!

A while before this, my acid reflux kicked in like crazy and I had to pile towels under my side of the bed to elevate my head.  It helped a lot and I only woke up with a burning throat every once in a while.

I started having sore hips at night, so I started sleeping with a pillow between my knees and ankles.  Then we bought a comfy recliner off craigslist for our room.  If my hips hurt or my acid reflux was too much, I could move into the recliner for the rest of the night.

My gestational diabetes test indicated that I had become slightly anemic, so I increased my iron supplements and noticed a nice increase in my energy level.

I started having a strange pain in my left arm.  About once a week, the muscles in my entire arm would ache like crazy.  It always started in my shoulder and wrist and then steadily spread to my entire arm.  Then it started happening every day and even multiple times a day.  It was intensely bothersome.  Finally, I started sleeping with a pillow under my left arm and the pains have completely gone away.  My OB said it’s related to changes in my back and spinal cord as a result of pregnancy.

People started stopping me and saying, “Wow!  I didn’t even know you were pregnant!”  or “Boy, you’ve just really popped!”

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31 weeks pregnant!

This was me yesterday!

Now people are asking when I’m due and then their eyebrows just about raise off the top of their heads when I say I still have two months left. 

Overall, I’m doing really well.  If I stay active, my joint pains aren’t as bad.  My knees are actually better the last week or so and I haven’t needed to wear my braces as much.  I’m really warm all the time and love our continually cool weather!!  My acid reflux is steadily getting worse and TUMS must always be within reach.  And he’s so big now, that I often get a sharp pain in this one spot on my belly (on the left) where I swear he’s pinching me.  It’s really strange and hurts a lot!

But my main symptom now is fatigue.  I wake up with a good amount of energy and have learned to do what really needs to be done first thing in the morning.  Because by about 10 am, I’m spent!  And by 2 pm (if I can) I change into my pajamas for the rest of the day!  I nap with the boys, go to bed right after them and then try to sleep as best I can (some nights are better than others).  This little guy is really active and loves to come alive in the middle of the night. :)

Bubbers loves to assess the increasing size of my belly and Scooters loves to show me his! :)  They’re always happy to help me get “the baby’s room” ready and play with all the baby toys.

Honestly, I can’t believe it’s really coming so soon.  It’s hard to imagine a new little guy really being placed into my arms, but I can’t wait.  Our C-section is scheduled and my mom purchased her plane tickets.  I’m so excited for our time in the hospital.  It is such a heavenly, special time.  I’m so glad we get to experience it again.