“There’s a bug in my stomach”

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Behold the poor Bubbers King.

Right when his nose didn’t bleed for a good two days, he woke up this morning at 3:30 am and calmly told us, “There’s a bug in my stomach.” The evidence of said bug had been vomited inside and around the perimeter of his crib.


I pulled out the stomach virus instructions I wrote down from a great nurse a while back and I’ve been having a nice mellow day washing multiple loads of his sheets and blankets while nursing our sweet invalid back to health.

He’s been such a good sport–running to the toilet on his own and laying around with hardly a complaint. When he walked out of his room with his favorite “bone shirt” on backwards and told me in a pitifully weak voice, “I prefer it this way,” I didn’t have the heart to press the matter.

And even though he requested hot chocolate and told me, “I can drink hot chocolate because it will be so hot that it will kill the bug in my stomach,” he has obediently and happily stuck to his water (marked with masking tape) and his pedialyte (marked with no masking tape). And he even said, “I’m trying to drink a lot of my salt drink so I get better faster.”

I couldn’t ask for a sweeter patient. :)

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4 thoughts on ““There’s a bug in my stomach”

  1. Oh no! Lucy had the same day yesterday. I’m sad to say that the bed pan Bracan brought home from work has really come in handy.

  2. Our peds told us that you can give them half strength gatorade instead of the pedialyte. It serves the same purpose, but taste better. Kids are more willing to drink it. I hope he is feeling better.

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