Baby slings for an emergency kit

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Have you ever seen these before?  It’s a baby sling from Seven Slings.

Last year, I got an email for a free one, so I decided to try it out.  Scooters had outgrown our beloved “pouch“, but sometimes he needed me to hold him while I needed to do something else with my arms.  It worked pretty well.  He was still heavy, but it did help.  And it was easy to use and super compact.   So, I slipped it in my diaper bag and it’s been really handy.

Then a few months later, I got another email for a free one.  So, I got another one to put in Scooters’ 72-hour kit that I keep in the van.   I figured it would be a good thing to have in an emergency.

Then a couple days ago, I got another email for a free one.  So, tonight I just purchased another one to put in our fire evacuation kit in Bubbers’ room upstairs.  I would feel a lot better climbing out the window with Scooters in my arms, if I had something like this to help, too!

So, I can definitely see why they keep sending me emails. :)  And the next time they send me one, I’ll get one for the baby’s 72-hour kit.  And then one for an alternate fire evacuation kit I’m planning to put in the baby’s room upstairs.


Just in case you want to try one out, too, the current promo code is “CUPID”.  (Just go to their website, select the size of carrier and then enter the code).  You do have to pay shipping ($11.95) and the sizing is tricky (I had to return my first one that ended up being a size too small).  They say the code works while supplies last.

Oh, and they have nothing to do with this free little advertisement.  I just thought it might be helpful to other moms out there and wanted to pass it on. :)

p.s.  Their website indicates that their slings are safe to use with newborns, if you follow their safety instructions. One of my favorite things about the sling is its versatility–it can be used for newborns up to toddlers weighing 35 lbs.

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11 thoughts on “Baby slings for an emergency kit

  1. I personally love the Moby. Don’t you have one of those? It can be folded like a sling too, so if you already have the Moby, then you got another “emergency” item available!

  2. Hi Ailene! Yes–good memory! I have the Ultimate Baby Wrap (which is very similar to the Moby). I love it, too, for when they are young.

    But I’ve found it takes a long time to put on, is more bulky to store and once my boys get to a certain weight it doesn’t work as well. So for a fast emergency, compact storage and larger kids, the sling was more appealing to me. I do wish it was as comfortable as the wrap–but when a kid is 25+ pounds, there’s not much you can do. :):)

  3. I have one of those too! I don’t love it but you’re right, it’s better than nothing in a pinch and it is super portable. I’m amazed at the number of emergency kits you have! Way to be prepared girl! How are you feeling these days? How’s the newest little bean doing?

  4. I have a Moby too and feel the same way about it…good when a baby is little, but bulky to store and takes too long to put on. I’m glad to know you like the sling. I got their promotion, but wasn’t sure if I should really acquire another carrier. Sounds like it’s definitely worth it! Good idea about using extra ones for emergency kits. You think of everything!

  5. Hmmm… doesn’t take me longer to put on a Moby than it does to put on any other sort of “device.” How long does it take you to put on a Moby vs. this thing? Just wondering if I should get it… :)

  6. Hmmm, I have one of them too, but haven’t liked it very much… Maybe I need to try it again now that Laura is bigger, or maybe I ordered the wrong size… it hurt my shoulder. :/ Glad you liked it though – and great idea to put it in an emergency kit!

    I have a Moby and loved it when Laura was little, but once she got to be about 8 months or so, I couldn’t use it anymore since she could “houdini” her little arms out of it and I was worried she would fall out backwards. But when she was tiny I LOVED having her all snuggled up inside the wrap! *sigh* I sure miss those days!

    My favorite way to wear Laura now is in my mei tai carrier that my sister made for me (you can see a picture of it in my fb album called “photos of Melissa”, I think). Laura’s nearly 23 lbs now but I can comfortable wear her for a whole grocery shopping trip! I could also use it to wear Laura on my back, but I haven’t quite gotten the hang of that yet…plus Laura has always been fond of pulling my hair! :P

  7. Yes, I feel the same way about it, Charlotte!

    LOL! :) Our van is pretty much one huge emergency kit on wheels! I love them and seem to think of new ones we need regularly. :)

    Thanks for asking–I’m feeling really good! Still tired, but very good. And the little bean is growing big and strong!

  8. Hey Jenica! That’s right–I forgot you probably get their emails, too. It all started with buying one of their nursing covers, right? :)

    If you already have a carrier for older children, you probably don’t need it. I didn’t have anything and figured this was the most inexpensive way to get one. :) I really don’t use it often, but the times I have, it’s been nice to have. But I really value it in our emergency kits–just in case. (Like one time a friend borrowed it because she was unexpectedly separated from her stroller for a little while).

  9. Hey Ailene!

    I’ve never timed myself, but with the Wrap, I have to wrap it all around myself and while I’ve gotten better at it, it still takes a couple minutes. The sling just slides right on and is ready for immediate use. (Which is why I like it for emergencies and evacuations–no time needed to wrap myself up first).

    If you’re already happy with your Moby, though, I’d say you’re fine! They have promotions all the time, so there’s always time to get it later if you decide you want it.

  10. Hey Melissa!

    Oh, your mei tai carrier sounds wonderful! It looks like a Moby for bigger kids–how perfect! That would definitely be ideal for holding kids over a long period of time! (There’s no way I could do the sling for a whole shopping trip–just for a few minutes around the house when I need to load laundry or something like that). I will definitely need to look into that more. That would be just the thing for Scooters’ long-term kit–where a quick evacuation isn’t needed.

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