More snow and our first times sledding!!

November 22nd:


“Mommy, it’s bitter cold out there.”


“Look how snowed the deck is!… Poor termites.  I said poor termites because of the snow…  Will it make a cool sound when it stops snowing?”


“How will it get unsnowed?…  When will it melt?… I got an idea!  I can just use my rain boots cause snow is just frozen rain.”


That night, we ventured forth into the backyard!…



“Mommy, I’m going to throw a snowball at you–right in the NOSE!!!”




“Mommy, are you okay?!?”


Oh, yes!  I only scream because it makes your brother laugh.


“Okay, good!…  In that case, why don’t you get her again, big brother!”




“I’ve fallen and I can’t get up.”





Peepah.  Sweetly observing the chaos from the warmth of the kitchen.


“What in tarnation is this blasted contraption?”


“Pull us, Mom!  It’s a snow train!”

P1220828 curves

“Whee!  Keep going, Mommy!”


The next day, with our neighbors!…

November 2010 040

“This is my first time sledding!!!!”

November 2010 041


November 2010 042

November 2010 043

November 2010 045

“Now with my neighbor, Joshua!!”

November 2010 046

November 2010 052

November 2010 063

November 2010 054

November 2010 067

Okay, Bubbers. Your little brother has finally warmed up to being out here. Let’s give him a turn on the sled.

November 2010 071

“This is my first time sledding, too!!!”

November 2010 074

November 2010 076

November 2010 077

What did you think, Scooty-tots? Would you like to go again?

November 2010 078

“Sure!! Now I’ll go with Bubbers!”

November 2010 079

November 2010 081

November 2010 082

November 2010 085

November 2010 086

November 2010 087

November 2010 088

“Oh, man, this is fun! I hope it snows like this again!!”


p.s. Thank you for all your pictures, Amy!!

3 thoughts on “More snow and our first times sledding!!

  1. So cute!!! I’m glad you guys are enjoying your snow so much! You should come visit us, we have at least two feet already… you’d be more than welcome to take at least half of that back with you;)

  2. Glad you got some snow for the boys to enjoy. Is was fun to see the sledding and fun. Bubbers was definitely being a boy when he wanted to throw snowballs.

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