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Twitter Updates for 2010-11-02

November 2nd, 2010

  • Today I want to remember: The sound of my boys playing on the couch together and giggling like crazy. :):) #
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I spent the month of October…

November 1st, 2010


… Laying on this couch (and not looking nearly as cute as these little darlings!).

My pregnancy sickness kicked it up a few too many notches and I’ve been wiped out.  And laying down was the only way I could keep down my meals.

And the Bubbers King has been very sweet and understanding.  Every time I start to retch he immediately calls out, “Hurry to the sink!!  Hurry, hurry!!”

But you know the worst part of it all?

Prenatal depression.

I didn’t even know that existed, until it hit me this pregnancy.  Well, actually, it hit me last pregnancy, too.  But I thought it was because I was mourning my miscarriage and it was much more severe.

But then it came back.  Though this time it was more mild, but still awful.  Who wants to feel constantly nauseated and depressed??

It was so hard.  I hated feeling like my joy in life had been sucked away and I couldn’t even enjoy my children.  I seriously didn’t think I could ever do it again.

And then.


I took this.

A tiny little expensive pill called Zofran.

My dear neighbor (whom I will cherish forevermore) told me she took it and loved it.

And while I was really hesitant to take anything for fear of harming my baby, I finally relented when Charming couldn’t stand seeing me so constantly miserable and my doctor said it’s completely safe.

I can’t tell you what a difference this has made!  It has eased my nausea to the point that my prenatal depression has disappeared and life is sunny again!!!  Hooray!!!

So, if you were wondering how I was doing and hoping I was okay—please know that I was not okay.

But now I am!!!

Thanks to Zofran.  And my wonderful neighbor.

Thank you, thank you, thank you!!

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