My First Picture! (12 weeks old)

November 21st, 2010

Baby 20100001 cropped, fixed

I’m strong and I’m healthy!  And as active as can be!

I’m soaking up my mother’s energy to beat the band, so these days she loves to hit the sack at 7:30 pm.  But her nausea is almost all gone (already!) and she doesn’t have to take Zofran anymore.  So that’s great!

And.  I’m due in May of 2011!

And.  Mommy and big brother Bubbers still call me “she”.  :):)

Mommy’s favorite quotes from the Bubbers King (her sweet, personal cheerleader!):

“Mommy, why are you pregnant?”

“Mommy, when did you start pregnanting?”

“Mommy!  Look how big your belly’s getting!!!”

“Mommy, the baby is still alive!  Her heart is beating REALLY loudly!”

“Mommy, the baby is going to live for a reeeeeeally long time!  For sixty-two-sixty-six MONTHS!!  Sixty-two-sixty-six months!

“Mommy, when will the baby come out?”