Snapshot in Time: 7 Weeks Pregnant

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I’m 7 weeks pregnant now!  And my body is making no efforts to hide it (“Hey!” my body says, “We’ve done this before!  We know EXACTLY what to do!!”).  :)

I’m also convinced we’re having a girl.  Even before we were pregnant, I knew.  And my mom knew.  And my father-in-law knew.  And Bubbers (all on his own!) corrects anyone who calls the baby “he”.  “The baby is a girl,” he states matter-of-factly.

I’d be thrilled to have another boy, but if we do have a girl, the timing would be perfect.  Back when I was pregnant with Scooters, I was relieved to find out he was a boy (“Oh, phew!  I know boys, I can do another boy!”).

But now, I get to thinking about that day far, far, far, far, far, far down the road when another woman will fill their hearts.  And then.  Things just won’t be the same anymore…  And then.  My heart told me that I needed a daughter.

My favorite quotes today:

“Mommy, did you get the right belly picture?”

“Mommy, will you take a belly picture of me?”


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What am I?

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  • I’m drinking stale ginger ale with Ritz crackers and peanut butter.
  • I can’t eat meat, do the dishes, open the trash can or the fridge and water tastes bad.
  • I get super hungry and can’t drink enough orange juice.
  • I’ve been seen eating granola for dinner.

P1220137 lighter

  • I take 2 naps a day…  Just like Scooters. :)
  • I’m going to bed super early and can’t sleep enough.
  • I get hot and cold flashes–especially at night.
  • Afternoons are the hardest and I lay around like a slug.
  • I’m reading romance novels to take my mind off my nausea and fatigue.  And it works really well.

…. What am I??  :)