Introducing Scooters to the new dog park!


Back in March, the Bubbers King and I took the Scooter-tots to our brand new dog park.




“I love the dog park!!”


Yesiree, if Scooters was anything like his mother, father, brother, uncle, aunt, cousin, grandma or grandpa, I knew he’d love dogs, too!


The only thing was, we were going to a new dog park now.  It’s at the same park as the old one, just in a different location (it’s a huge park!) and it’s a long walk into it.

They’ve also got two sections now!

P1050649 edited

One is “Open Meadow”.  Which we learned really means: packs of humongous dogs racing around like rabid banshees.

And it scares the bejeebers out of little kids.  And mothers of little kids.  (Which is why there are no pictures of my children in that section.  I was too busy worrying about my boys!)

P1050624 edited

Then there’s the other section.  The “Shy/Senior/Low Impact” area.  How cool (and hilarious!) is that?


This ended up being the perfect spot for us!


It had been a while since we’d gone to the dog park.


So Bubbers needed to warm up with some nice, small ones.


Oh man, he’s so cute!


Oh double man, he’s so cute, too!!!

And he loved it!  I really should take him back now that he’s a walking terror.  He’d go bananas chasing anything with fur!!


Bubbers also found the little “low impact” hill.


The perfect size for little dogs.


And little Woogas.



Someday we’ll get a dog.


Uh-oh…  Did I say that outloud?

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