Our new (to us) van!


We weren’t even looking for a minivan, but Heavenly Father pretty much dropped this unbelievable deal into our laps, so we took the hint.  :)


And what a blessing!  Every time we use it, I’m amazed at how wonderful it is for children.  The Bubbers King loves that he can swing open the door and climb in with such ease!


And someday Sir Scooters will appreciate the same thing.  But for now, he’s a little resentful of the new space between him and his brother.  He can’t reach over and antagonize his brother anymore.  :)


Yesiree, we feel super blessed.  Two wonderful (and cute!) boys.  And a swagger wagon to drive them around in.  What more could a mother want?

p.s.  Does anyone want to buy our Grand Am?  It’s for sale now! :)

4 thoughts on “Our new (to us) van!

  1. We upgraded to a van with our 2nd kiddo too. It was a good decision and definitely so much easier to get kids in and out. Enjoy your new ride!

  2. Congrats! The minivan upgrade is a big deal, isn’t it? I was sooo excited, but it was also kind of strange…I suddenly felt almost middle-aged. :) I absolutely love it though!

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