Pests. (And my stupid, no good bleeding-heart!)

September 15th, 2010


The Bad News:

  • This is a nest…


  • … of rodent babies.
  • Charming found them in our garage.
  • We thought they were rats.
  • But they were field mice.
  • And I didn’t have the heart to hurt them (I used to raise hamsters!!!!!).
  • So we left them there.
  • And the next morning they were gone!  Aaaahh!!  Mommy moved them and we never found them again…

The Good News:

  • They were found in a box Charming just happened to be opening.
  • A box he hadn’t opened in over two years.
  • But because he did, we saw these brand new little guys.  Before they grew up and ate all our food storage.  What a blessing!
  • The pest inspector came and said it was an “isolated incident” and we are not infested.  Yay!!
  • Now we are much more careful about protecting our garage.



The Bad News:

  • These are termites.
  • About 35 of them found their way into our house.  Upstairs and downstairs!
  • We’re not sure how they got in, but I swear some of it was through our bathroom’s skylight.
  • I caught four of them to show the inspector, so we could know for sure what they were.
  • And then… I started to feel bad for them sitting in my jar… dying a slow death… waiting so long for the inspector to see them…
  • … So I snuck them some rotted wood to eat.
  • And now… they’re like my pets!

The Good News (according to our pest inspector):

  • They’re not carpenter ants.  (Who, apparently, do way more damage than termites.  And are harder to kill).
  • They are not trying to eat our house.  They were just trying to get warm.  (Though I still wonder…)
  • He gave us some good tips on keeping them away.



The Bad News:

  • They’re huge.  And slimey.  And disgusting.
  • And they love having their children in our garden.
  • And eating our carrots.  And peas.  And any potatoes that might be sticking up.
  • Oh man, they’re nasty!
  • But… I don’t have the stomach to kill them…

The Good News:

  • Next year, I’m determined to get Deadline.
  • And actually have the guts to use it.


Holy smokes!  I’m not sure if my skin will ever stop crawling after all this…  I mean, I love living next to a green belt…  But I don’t love the green belt coming to live with me!

p.s.  Something else is eating our zucchini.  And once I figure out what it is–oh man will they be in trouble!  I’ve got a dirty glare just waiting for them!!

p.p.s.  And if they also ate the last blackberry we were saving for Bubbers, holy cow, they’d better just steer clear of me!!