Pests. (And my stupid, no good bleeding-heart!)


The Bad News:

  • This is a nest…


  • … of rodent babies.
  • Charming found them in our garage.
  • We thought they were rats.
  • But they were field mice.
  • And I didn’t have the heart to hurt them (I used to raise hamsters!!!!!).
  • So we left them there.
  • And the next morning they were gone!  Aaaahh!!  Mommy moved them and we never found them again…

The Good News:

  • They were found in a box Charming just happened to be opening.
  • A box he hadn’t opened in over two years.
  • But because he did, we saw these brand new little guys.  Before they grew up and ate all our food storage.  What a blessing!
  • The pest inspector came and said it was an “isolated incident” and we are not infested.  Yay!!
  • Now we are much more careful about protecting our garage.



The Bad News:

  • These are termites.
  • About 35 of them found their way into our house.  Upstairs and downstairs!
  • We’re not sure how they got in, but I swear some of it was through our bathroom’s skylight.
  • I caught four of them to show the inspector, so we could know for sure what they were.
  • And then… I started to feel bad for them sitting in my jar… dying a slow death… waiting so long for the inspector to see them…
  • … So I snuck them some rotted wood to eat.
  • And now… they’re like my pets!

The Good News (according to our pest inspector):

  • They’re not carpenter ants.  (Who, apparently, do way more damage than termites.  And are harder to kill).
  • They are not trying to eat our house.  They were just trying to get warm.  (Though I still wonder…)
  • He gave us some good tips on keeping them away.



The Bad News:

  • They’re huge.  And slimey.  And disgusting.
  • And they love having their children in our garden.
  • And eating our carrots.  And peas.  And any potatoes that might be sticking up.
  • Oh man, they’re nasty!
  • But… I don’t have the stomach to kill them…

The Good News:

  • Next year, I’m determined to get Deadline.
  • And actually have the guts to use it.


Holy smokes!  I’m not sure if my skin will ever stop crawling after all this…  I mean, I love living next to a green belt…  But I don’t love the green belt coming to live with me!

p.s.  Something else is eating our zucchini.  And once I figure out what it is–oh man will they be in trouble!  I’ve got a dirty glare just waiting for them!!

p.p.s.  And if they also ate the last blackberry we were saving for Bubbers, holy cow, they’d better just steer clear of me!!

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9 thoughts on “Pests. (And my stupid, no good bleeding-heart!)

  1. The disappearance of the blackberry might be attributed to a bird.

    But good gravy, now I don’t know if I should go clean my garage or avoid it! Honestly, if I found the pests… I’d probably have my husband “take care” of it… because I wouldn’t be able to do it either!

  2. Oh my! You have had a lot of visitors to your home! I haven’t been able to pull out the slug bate either. I think it is too funny that you fed the termites while they were captive. But I guess I might have done the same. When I was in second grade I dug up all the worms in our yard and put them in a bowl to “save” them from the cold.

  3. @Ailene:

    That was my guess, too! And the zucchini looks like a rabbit… :(

    Charming didn’t want to “take care” of it, either. But when they disappeared, he wished he had. I don’t know–it’s just all so sad.

  4. yuck yuck yuck! I hate knowing there are pests living in around my house, but i too don’t want to hurt them. I am the one who catches the spiders and wasps and takes them outside to set them free! (And they probably come right back in.) We know there are probably mice in the walls here, but there is no evidence of them coming into our living space, so I’m not quite sure what to do about it!

  5. My husband (and his technician and our other friends who work or have worked with him – who just happened to be over for dinner tonight) works for a pest control company. They all said that termites are much harder to get rid of than carpenter ants.
    Termites burrow under your house into the soil and come up to find wood to eat (i.e. Your home). You have to drill into your concrete all the way the outside of your house (pavement, driveway, sidewalk) to treat the soil the termites might be living in around your house.
    Carpenter ants chew the wood and use it solely to make burrows in it. You spray the base of the home and the nest (if you can find it) to kill the living ants, then again a few months later to kill the eggs which have hatched since that time.
    I would speak to another pest control company if I were you! :)

  6. Really!?! Oh man, I’m glad you said something! Our technician said the base of our house should be safe because we have a foundation. But it sounds like they could still be getting through?

    Is there a company that your husband would recommend?

  7. I read the whole article without being squeamish, but then I always had your father take care of rodents and pests, he’s not as tender-hearted as you are!

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