New headers… What do you think??

I have been absolutely beguiled by the bushes in my front yard and the wonderfully enchanting stories they’ve been telling me!

As a result,  I couldn’t resist making some new headers for my blog…

P1160661 blog header 800

… Like this one.  Oh, how I love these leaves!  With serrated edges!!

P1160617 blog header 800

And this one.  Oh, how I love the contrast of pinks and greens!

P1160645 blog header 800

And this one!  The petals!  Oh, the petals!!

P1160630 blog header 800

And this one…  How I love the shape of that flower!


I can’t put up all of them, can I??  I mean, the last three have such similar composition…

But I can’t choose a favorite!  They’re like my children–I love them all for different reasons!

So, you’ll have to help me choose.  Which one is your favorite?  Why?


P1160617 blog header 800


P1160645 blog header 800


P1160630 blog header 800

Thank you for your help!  :):)

His first injury

P1160441 black small

Behold the faucet.


The faucet that he loves!  What can I say?  He and that faucet are like a moth to flame.


So I liked the faucet, too.  For my little boy’s sake.


Until it did this to him.


I didn’t even see how it happened, but both our hearts broke after it did.


Fortunately, Scooters bounced back like nothing had happened and healed very quickly after that day.


But I did not bounce back like nothing had happened and my heart did not heal very quickly after that day.

P1160441 black small

And now.

P1160442 brighter

The faucet is gone.  Forevermore masked by a lovely, inflatable frog.

P1160444 brighter

That will never hurt my son again.


Oh, Scooty-tots!!  I’m so sorry.  :(