Nine Wonderful Years…


Where we met: This exact table at the BYU Law Library

1 - First date!

The night of our first date: An outdoor Peter Breinholt concert! (Hi, Heather!)

01010021 cropped

The night of our pomegranate-date-in-a-box from my sister: An important turning point in our relationship

00930018 cropped

The night of our first kiss: Roses, The Magic Flute and finally dancing to Andrea Bocelli in my kitchen… When he kissed me! :)

01070022 cropped and fixed

The night he asked me to marry him: While dancing to Andrea Bocelli in my kitchen… He suddenly got down on one knee! :)

48770050 fixed cropped

Announcing our engagement!


The bride-to-be…

58390001 cropped

Right after the ceremony: We’re married!!!!

58400016 cropped a lot

For time and all eternity—a treasured blessing from Heavenly Father


P1120230 cropped

The happiest nine years of our lives

P1120234 cropped more

And we can’t wait for nine more!

Thank you, My Love! Happy Anniversary!!!

8 thoughts on “Nine Wonderful Years…

  1. wow – that’s an awesome photo of me & Jimmy. NOT! aaaak! We hiked Mt. Timp right before that concert and my eyes were soooo sunburned. That was a fun concert and date though. I’m glad you guys met and got married! What fun memories.


  2. Oh! I thought you guys looked great! And I didn’t know you had hiked right before… How fun!

    I’m so glad we met and got married, too. :) I do remember being nervous, though, so I probably gave you guys a weird first impression!

  3. That’s so wonderful that you’re so happy together. It was fun to remember it all through the pictures.

  4. happy anniversary! You look so different with blonde hair, I’m always surprised when I see those pictures. You guys look great!

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