Our Saturday: The work and the play

The Work:


It was all grass this morning, but by the evening…


It was our new strawberry patch!


And Bubbers’ new play plot! He loves to dig in the garden so much that we’re giving him a spot all his own! He began by starting a rock collection. :)

Not pictured: Weeding the vegetable garden, trip to Lowe’s for lots of fun stuff, laminating projects and posters, mowing, weed-eating, reorganizing the shed, fixing a sink and installing new plates on the car. Thanks for all your hard work, Love!


The Play:


Trains with Daddy (and Mommy)! Bubbers specifically instructed Daddy to lay with one cheek on the floor and the other cheek inflated.


Crawling and loving it!

Not pictured: Going down his first slides with Mommy and loving it!! Learning how to bang rocks at the park. :)


Resting in a “storm” after his shower. :)

Not pictured: Helping Daddy dig the strawberry patch, lots of playing outside with Thomas and his tricycle, digging at the park, watching a little of I Love Big Trains, and reading Nursery Songs & Rhymes with Mommy! :)

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