The Never-Ending Cold

Our dear Scooters Man has been congested for about three weeks now.  Poor little guy!

And for the first two weeks, he was pretty miserable.  So miserable, in fact, that I was convinced my sweet little baby was gone.  And he’d been replaced by a chubby cranky-pot who would never be happy again.

And at first, I didn’t realize he was cranky because he was sick.

What’s happened? I moaned in misery, He used to be such a happy baby!  Is my dear Scooters gone forever?…

But day after day proved the happy little man was nowhere to be found.

Oh, Scooters! I lamented as I watched my little cherub throwing himself backward and wailing at the slightest provocation, What’s happened to you?  What’s happened to my sweet baby?…  I want him back!

And I began to wonder if I’d only dreamed I had a sweet-tempered baby who smiled at me adoringly and loved to bask in my attention.

Finally, after two-and-a-half weeks, the clouds lifted.  The congested, sleep-deprived, miserable baby became the congested, rested, happy baby.

And I sighed in relief.


Welcome back, Scooty-tots!!

More conversations…

This morning:

“Mommy, sing the ant song!” Bubbers requested sweetly.

“Okay!” I agreed and began singing.

When I got to the seventh verse, I sang, “The ants go marching seven by seven, hurrah!  hurrah!  The ants go marching seven by seven, hurrah!  hurrah!  The ants go marching seven by seven, the little one stops to pray to heaven, and they all go marching down to the ground, away from the rain, boom, boom, boom!”

Bubbers interrupted me, “Why did the ant pray to heaven?”

“Because he wanted to talk to God,” I answered.

Then Bubbers cocked his head and asked, “A god ant?”


Last night at 7:15 pm:

“Mommy!  Moooommmmyyyyy!!” Bubbers called from his crib only 15 minutes after going to bed.

I ran up the stairs and quietly opened Bubbers’ door.

“Hey there, what’s going on?” I asked softly as I entered Bubbers’ dark room.

“My buddy fell out!” Bubbers pointed to his little Lumpy who was lying on the ground near his crib.

“Oh!  Let me get him,” I said as I picked up the little elephant and tucked it under Bubbers’ left arm.  Then I adjusted his covers and patted his head.

Just as I was about to leave, Bubbers asked, “Did he go up in the clouds?”

“Who?” I asked.

“Did Jesus go up in the clouds?”

“Yes, He did,” I answered.

“Why?” Bubbers asked his favorite question.

“Well, His mission was done.  It was time for other people to teach His Gospel,” I answered the best I could.

“Why did the girl die?” Bubbers continued.

“What girl?…” I asked and then guessed, “The girl that Jesus raised from the dead?”

“Yes,” Bubbers answered, “Why did she die?”

“Her body didn’t work anymore, so her spirit left,” I answered and hoped it made sense.

“What’s a spirit?”

“Well…  I’m not really sure,” I said, “I know that we have a spirit body that Heavenly Father created.  That goes inside our physical bodies.”

“What’s a physical body?”

“It’s this,” I said as I gently patted his back.  “It’s flesh and blood and it’s a very, very special gift from God.”


I smiled, “Because it allows us to do things we can’t do with our spirit bodies.”

We talked about some of the things we can do with our physical bodies and then Bubbers abruptly said, “I’m spinning now, so you can go,” and he motioned for me to leave.

I smiled and shook my head.  How quickly he bounces from deep spiritual topics to pretending to be the Magic School Bus! :)

Turning in my key

A couple of months ago, my husband and I got to talking about our little family.  And how constrained our time is with him in school and me working.  We both wished we had more time at night to be with each other, serve people at church and just have personal down-time.

We could see some light at the end of the tunnel for Charming–he graduates in two weeks!!!

But my tunnel was still dark.  Even though I had scaled back to working just one night a week, it still added up and limited our availability to each other and to the people we’re trying to serve.

And then.  Bubbers started riding around in his plastic car, waving and saying, “Goodbye!  I’m going to work!” or “Goodbye!  I’m going to Cub Scouts!” or “I can’t play with you, cause I’m going to work and Cub Scouts!”

Wow.  I was seriously only gone for one hour and ten minutes of his waking life each week.  But watching me leave right before his bedtime twice a week was clearly making a big impression on little Bubbers’ mind.  And it wasn’t the impression I wanted.

So then we reevaluated the reason I started working in the first place…  To help pay off debt from selling our last house at a significant loss.  And amazingly, Heavenly Father has blessed us to pay off a lot of it!  We still have a ways to go and now have student loans on the horizon, but we no longer felt it was a necessity for me to work and it would be best for our family to have me stop.

And honestly?  I was torn.  I really felt like I had the perfect job that allowed me to be a full-time mom at home with a few hand-picked hours out in the professional world.  I wanted to hold onto it and had even convinced myself that it was a job I should keep forever because I’d never find another one like it.  And that after we didn’t “need” it anymore, I would hold onto it “just for fun”.

But deep down, I knew I shouldn’t.  So.  I finally told my boss that I was going to quit.

And you know what she did?

She cried.

And not because she was going to miss me.  But because she was so happy I’d made that decision.

“I’m so touched to see you make your family your top priority,” she told me as she wiped her unexpected tears.  “I decided to make a career my priority early in my family life and now I have regrets.  So I truly honor that you’re doing this.”

I just stared at her.  Absolutely speechless.

Then she smiled, “And if you ever want to come back down the road, our door is always open to you.”


So.  Last week was my last night at work.  I turned in my key, packed my bags and went home.

And you know what?  I’m glad. :)

I love being a speech-language pathologist.  But I love being a wife and mom better.

And you know what Bubbers said while he was playing with his helicopter named Harold yesterday?

“‘I have time to play with you!’ said Harold.  ‘It’s my last day of work and church and Cub Scouts and school!  So now I have time to play with you!  I’m gonna stay home with you now!’ said Harold.”

Then I peeked around the corner at him and smiled.

There’s a light at the end of the tunnel for all of us now.  And it sure looks good. :)

My first hair cut!! (by Sir Scooters)


Hi Everyone!!  Guess what?!  Last month, Mommy gave me my very first hair cut!


And you know what?  She really didn’t want to!  After all, I was only 10 months old and… and… and… I was still her baby!!


But then.  My hair got super long in the back.   And it started curling.  And then one of the neighbors down the street thought I was a girl.


So that was that!


And here I am!


Getting sprayed in the face with water.


By my older brother.


And absolutely LOVING it!!


Holy smokes!


Why haven’t we done this before, Mom???


This is the greatest thing EVER!!




Mom even got a new drape just to use with us kids!  I like it!




On second thought.


I hate it.


Absolutely hate it.


Can I leave now?


Hey, what’s that?


Ooooh!  Mommy’s feeling terrible about making me cry.


So she’s letting me play with forbidden toys!


And look!


Room service!


(Ha!  Mommy loves this picture!!)


And then suddenly.


I was a brand new little man!


And Mommy didn’t cut me a bit!  Even though she contracted fourteen ulcers for fear of it! :)


After my bath, she needed some snuggles.


“Hey there, little Scooters,” she said softly, “Will you please forgive me for making you cry so much?”


Mmmm, let me think about it…


Aw shucks, of COURSE I forgive you, Mom!


And there you have it!  We both (barely) survived my very first hair cut!