Our Saturday: The Canadian Temple

The Drive to Canada:


Hi Everyone!! Guess what??  We drove to Canada today!!  Yep, it’s true.  There’s a new temple in Canada that the Prophet hasn’t blessed, yet, so we wanted to visit it!!  So this morning, we hopped in the car and took off…


“I’m tired. May I nap now?”

Poor Scooters started the trip ready for his morning nap.


And I started the trip enjoying some of my train books.


While Mommy started the trip enjoying my bare toes.


And the beautiful outskirts of our city.


Awww! It wasn’t long before Scooters drifted off.


And I decided to join him. :)


Mommy and Daddy enjoyed the peaceful tranquility of children sleeping and gorgeous trees.

The Border:


When we got to the border, we realized we were going to be there for a loooong while.  The Mormons were storming Canada and Canada wasn’t prepared.


But that’s okay, because I got to drink a Caprisun!


And we saw the Peace Arch!  It means that Canadians and Americans are friends.  I’m so glad!


But we weren’t glad that there were a million Mormons trying to get across the border and only three lanes open.


So we jumped ship while Mommy kept our spot in line.


“Wook! A Peace Arch! I wike Canada!”


While she was in line, Mommy remembered why she doesn’t like to drive in Canada.


And I pushed Scooty-tooty in his stroller!


“Hi, Mommy! Are you still in line?”


“Okay, we’ll come back later!”


Then we saw a PASSENGER train ZOOM by on the tracks behind us.  It was awesome!


And Mommy was still in line, so we wandered some more.


But then she moved!  And saw signs!


So we ran back and joined her.

But then we still had to wait.


So Scooters played with his socks!!!


Hee, hee!  He loves his socks!


**Fiercely intense chomp**

P1100925 fixed

And Mommy broke out her secret weapon.


I love Mommy’s secret weapons.


And then!!  We were next in line!! And then!!  We were in Canada!!

The Temple:


Guess what!?!


We’re here!!!


We’re at the temple!!  And I get to go inside!!!

But first, we needed to find a place to park and walk back.


Oooohhhh, isn’t it beautiful!

I wanted to go inside right away, but first we waited for our turn to join a tour group and watch an introductory video about temples and the history of Mormons in the surrounding cities.


Then our group got in line to enter the temple!  And we saw lots of people we’ve known from all the places we’ve lived–it was like one big Mormon reunion!!


And some of them totally saved Scooty-tooty’s tired bacon from getting fried as we waited in long lines (there were thousands and thousands of visitors!).


They actually LET him pull their hair and then LAUGHED!!!  Mommy’s scalp cringed just watching, but since her baby was happy and they were happy, she was happy, too!


And I got to eat a GOGURT!  So I was happy, too.


But then.  My food ran out.   And I wanted to be a train and chug.  But I couldn’t!


So Mommy and I jumped ship and chugged around while Daddy kept a spot in line.



It was our turn!  And I got to go inside!!  And it was so beautiful!


I saw the baptismal font–where I’ll get to serve when I turn 12 years old.


And a sealing room–just like where Mommy and Daddy were married.


And an ordinance room–just like where Mommy and Daddy go to learn about God and the purpose of life.   (When Mommy showed me the altar, I asked, “Where’s the sacrifice?”)  :)


And the beautiful, incomparable Celestial Room.

The room that represents what heaven will be like after this life.  A heaven with God and Jesus Christ.  And our families.

And being in that room all together as a family was a small glimpse of what it might be like to have our family for eternity.


Because that’s what temples are all about.

8 thoughts on “Our Saturday: The Canadian Temple

  1. Good for you, braving the crowds and making the effort to go! Looks like your family had a good trip!

  2. Hmmm. You just made me very happy we made the decision to go on Wednesday evening. We only had 2 cars in front of us at the border. Isn’t that temple beautiful?!

  3. What a beautiful temple! I loved the mural on the wall! ANd the celestial room is so beautiful!! Did you need a passport to get over the border? Oh, and bubbers looks like prince charming in the picture where bubbers is in the carseat and looking serious!

  4. Cute post Heidi. We are going this week. Did casual dress seem to be ok? I couldn’t tell if you were wearing pants or a skirt. :) Hoping pants are ok for all.

  5. I loved the mural, too! I’d never seen that before and it was just beautiful!

    Yes, we used passports. Once upon a time we could just use drivers licenses, but I don’t know if that would fly anymore. Oh, and just birth certificates for the kids.

    Too cute that you saw a resemblance in Bubbers’ serious face! :)

  6. LOL! Yeah, we totally wished we’d gone on a week day, but I’d never been to one before and didn’t realize it would be soooo crowded. We’re still glad we went, but next time we’ll be wiser. :)

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