Poor Bubbers

March 30th, 2010


Poor Bubbers. He’s really under the weather today with everything from coughs, runny eyes and sniffles to a fever and cough-induced vomiting.


Poor little guy.  He rarely gets sick, but when he does, I do enjoy all the cuddles.   It always warms my heart when he wants his Mommy a lot.


And right after I took these pictures, he almost fell asleep!  We keep a pretty consistent sleep schedule, so when he’s well, Bubbers usually just sleeps in his crib or in his car seat if it’s close to nap time.

But when he’s sick, sometimes he gets drowsy enough to fall asleep somewhere else and it’s fun.  Other than today, I remember when he was sick about four months ago and we took a quick trip to the grocery store…..

“Have a great day!” the checker said as she handed me my receipt.

“Thanks!” I said and stepped toward my cart full of bagged groceries.

I glanced down and saw Bubbers in the car attached to my cart—his hand reaching out to touch the floor.

I smiled to myself, “Please pull your hand in, Bubbers, we’re going to start moving again.”

I waited for him to obey, but he didn’t.

The next person in line needed to take my spot, so I slowly pushed the cart out of line and then stopped.

“Bubbers?  It’s time to pull in your hand now,” I repeated.

He didn’t obey and he didn’t respond.

Suddenly, my heart skipped a beat and I quickly walked to him.

“Bubbers?  Are you okay??” I asked as I knelt down.

Then I stopped.

And stared.

“Ha!” I guffawed, “He’s asleep!  My son is asleep!”

I was so shocked, I couldn’t stop grinning the whole time I pushed the cart.

Then I had to stop and pull out my cell phone. This was a snapshot in time I didn’t want to miss!




Poor, sweet Bubbers!