The Winners! (by Sir Scooters)


Heeeeeeeyyyyy, everyone!!  It’s time to announce some winners of Andrea’s fabulous custom lettering!


Mommy’s sorry it took her so long to announce the winners…  We’ve actually been in Utah until a few days ago and things have been really crazy since we got home.

But things have settled down a wee bit, so it’s time to announce some winners!


Wait!  Before I do!  I have to tell you of my sufferings.  Not only am I trying to make up lost sleep from our trip, but I’m also cutting multiple teeth and I have a wet, soggy cold.  Can you believe it!?


But!  It’s nothing that a good raspberry won’t help.




Okay, now where was I?


Oh yes!

Thank you so much to everyone who entered my Mommy’s contest!  And thank you to Andrea for offering her wonderful talents to us all!

Mommy wishes everyone could win (including herself!!), but, alas, she could only generate two lucky winners from and they were…

Courtney and Amanda!!

Congratulations, you two!  Mommy will get you in contact with Andrea to coordinate your orders.

Thanks again everyone!!!  This is so fun!


Now, wait just a minute.  If Courtney and Amanda are the winners, then that means…





What’s that?


Hey now!  I’ve never eaten one of these before.


Sweet!  Thanks, Mom!




You can order beautiful custom lettering by contacting Andrea at

  • 6″ letter-$5
  • 9″ letter-$9
  • Single letter design-$6
  • Single 8″ letter with name spelled-$18
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