Fun on the floor! (by Sir Scooters)


Psst! Guess what?

P1050772 fixed

I recently started doing this and Mommy loooooves it.

P1050779 fixed

So naturally, she had to take a picture of it! :)


Then Bubbers wanted to join the fun!

P1050793 fixed

And Mommy happily obliged him!

P1050785 fixed

Ha, ha!!  I love it when Bubbers joins the fun!

P1050786 fixed

Bubbers loves it, too, but sometimes he’s afraid of getting slimed…

P1050787 fixed

… So he makes me laugh out of range of my spit-up.

P1050788 fixed

Then Mommy’s heart melts as she watches her two sons.

P1050790 fixed

And she wishes the soundtrack of her life could always be our giggles!

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