Flying a kite on the grassy field!

When we moved into our new house, Bubbers was less than a year old and couldn’t walk, yet.  But even then, I imagined the day when we would laugh and play on the huge grassy field of our park with our dear children.


Almost two years later, that dream has come true!  (Though, truth be told, one of the children in that picture isn’t ours.  She’s a sweet neighbor-friend).


When I was at Costco this week, I saw their brand new stock of kites and promptly allowed Bubbers to pick one out with this month’s toy budget.


Then he diligently worked hard to earn all the pennies in his can.  And once he did–the kite was his!


“Pennies in a can?  When do I get pennies in a can?”


“When you don’t try to eat them!”


“But what is life if I can’t eat everything I see??”


And boy, was Bubbers excited!  He gleefully flew “Dumbo” and we basked in the glorious day.


Poor Daddy took one for the team, though.  (Sorry, Love!)


And Bubbers gave me his first hand-picked blooms of the season!


*sigh* It was just as magical as I always dreamed it would be.

2 thoughts on “Flying a kite on the grassy field!

  1. How fun to enjoy the park so much, and you don’t have to maintain it like you would your own yard.

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