My Drawings (by the Bubbers King)


Hi Everyone!!  How are you??


I know it’s hard to believe, but these pictures are from last May and June when I was only 25 months old.  I asked Mommy to post them so I could tell you a story…


Well, last April, Mommy gave me a special gift to use on our trip together. It was a magna-doodle!

PICT0015 edited big

It was compact, versatile and quiet (perfect for planes and solemn gatherings)– and I loved it!


My all-time favorite creation was…

PICT0007 edited

The Snowman.


It all started at my Great-Grandmother’s funeral when Mommy whisper-sang Once There Was a Snowman while drawing it out for me.


From then on I was hooked.  I frequently asked her to draw and sing and eventually began to draw on my own!

PICT0007 edited

At first, I started out simple.


But then the creative juices began to flow…


And my snowmen got taller.


And had faminies!


And every once in a while…

PICT0003 edited

I threw in something really random.


Then I explored other mediums.


“Mommy, what are ‘mediums’?”


And Mommy explored the delicious roundness in my profile.


How sweetly my fingers held the chalk.


And how cute I was when I concentrated.


And without fail, my faminies always melted her heart!


But I still loved to go back to my magna-doodle.


And if Mommy was careful and stayed nearby.


(And admired my cute legs).


(And caught me before I erased!)


She was rewarded with a glimpse of something really unique–like my first crocodile!

PICT0110 edited big

But you know what her absolute favorite was?


When I drew a little piece of me.

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  1. I love the magna doodle! It’s very popular at our house too. I’m glad to see how good he is soooo early with his fine motor skills. You have such a smart little boy. A set of books you may consider for him are called Draw Write Now by Marie Hablitzel and Kim Stitzer. They show step by step how to draw animals with basic shapes. You’d love them!

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