My poor son

“Will you please roll down my window?” Bubbers asked on the way home from the grocery store this morning.

The sun was shining on another gorgeous day, so I happily answered, “Sure!”

Bubbers smiled as the fresh wind blew into his face.

“Get back wind, get back!” he playfully commanded as he “smacked” the wind with his cute little hands.

I chuckled as I turned onto our street just a mile from the grocery store.

“Are you going to roll up my window when we pull in the garage?” Bubbers asked.

“Yes, I will,” I answered.

“Tell me a story about it!” Bubbers smiled, uttering his favorite words.

“Well,” I began, “When we pull up into our garage, then I’m going to roll up your window.”

“Tell me a story about it again!” Bubbers smiled with a special gleam in his eyes.

I smiled back and retold the story as I parked the car in the garage.  After finishing the story, I reached over and pressed the button to roll up Bubbers’ window as I had done countless times before.  It began to close, then all of a sudden it slowed down and seemed to get jammed.  Frowning, I continued to press the button with a little more force.

“Aaaahh!!!!!!!” Bubbers began screaming, his voice laced with pain.

Frantically, I jerked around and my eyes immediately locked with a terrible sight.  My dear son’s precious little fingers were rolled up in the window and his face was contorted with intense pain.

Without breathing, I fumbled for the button to roll the window back down then bolted out of my seat and to my son’s side.  Unlocking him from his car seat, I grabbed him and held him.  We hugged each other and cried together.

Eventually, we calmed down and I took a look at his fingers as Bubbers uttered his first shaky words following his injury, “Tell me a story about you rolling my fingers up in the window.”

A faint smile came to my lips as I told him the dreadful story.  Then I helped him inside and returned for Scooters.  With both children in the house, I eyed the car for a split second of indecision and then sat down in it.

I just had to know.  I had to know what my son had suffered.  So I rolled up my own fingers in the window.

It hurt.  Bad.

But I was relieved to find the pain quickly subsided to a dull ache.

I returned to the house and put Scooters down for a nap.  Then Bubbers and I sat down for some serious cuddles to comfort us both.


I was very grateful to see that his injuries weren’t serious.


He could still move all his fingers and the deep indentations from the window had faded to slight swelling and faint lines.


I apologized for the millionth time and asked him to forgive me.


And he did. Very sweetly.


And then we just cuddled.


When he started to giggle at the camera, I was very relieved.


I had accidentally hurt my dear little man, but he was going to be okay.


Thank you, Heavenly Father!

7 thoughts on “My poor son

  1. you really rolled your fingers in the window? You’re so silly. Poor Bubbers. I’m sure he’s already forgotten about it! Thats great that he wanted a story about it right away, how cute!

  2. Poor Bubbers but it really is amazing how soon little ones get over it. I love his words about the story to you after the accident.

  3. Bubbers says such cute things, glad you record them. Fortunately he wasn’t hurt, but I can’t believe you rolled your fingers in the window too! I guess that’s true empathy.

  4. I grew up in a family with 6 kids–it seemed that something similar happened to each one of my siblings. (I don’t remember it happening to me, simply because I was too old to put my fingers on the window by the time we had a car with power windows.) The funniest time that I remember, however, was when my 5 yr. old brother got his HEAD smashed by the window. Yep–his whole head! I know that it hurt, but seriously, who keeps their head out the window when it’s going up?

  5. Hey Amanda! Thanks for the comment and for stopping by!

    No WAY! What a terrible, yet funny, story about your brother! It just occurred to me with your comment that we never had power windows until we were older which is why I’d never experienced this before. I’m so relieved to find out this is typical with children! And Bubbers sure learned quickly–now his fingers are nowhere near the window when it’s going up!

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